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The Alara

155 Units
Houston, Texas

The transformation of The Alara Apartments under the stewardship of MLDC Management has been nothing short of extraordinary. Once plagued by distress and crime, the community has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis since coming under our care. Our commitment to revitalizing the property began with a strategic partnership with the local police department, effectively deterring crime and fostering a safer environment for our residents.

From this pivotal starting point, a wave of improvements swept through the property, reshaping both its interiors and amenities to elevate the living experiences of our residents. The rejuvenation journey included extensive renovations to the interiors, breathing new life into living spaces and enhancing comfort and functionality. Furthermore, a significant office renovation resulted in the creation of a dedicated after-school and resident event area, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among our residents.

Additionally, we introduced brand-new amenities designed to enhance the quality of life at The Alara. Among these additions is an inviting outdoor grilling area, providing residents with a picturesque setting to gather, unwind, and forge lasting memories.

Today, The Alara stands as a beacon of transformation—a place where discerning residents are proud to call home. Through our unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, we have redefined what it means to live in luxury and comfort, setting a new standard for apartment living in the community.

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